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The Chairman Message

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Waleed Salim Al Mehairi

Emirates Security Services

Chairman Emirates Security Services : Waleed Salim Al Mehairi

At first, I would like to express my sincere thanks, appreciation, and gratitude to His Highness the President and his deputy and the Crown Prince and, their Highnesses the Rulers of all Emirates and all the leaders and interested supporters to us, where words fail to transfer our feelings and our appreciation to them, because the great role which is played by our wise leadership has much more meaning than any words which can be used.

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen
I would like to express my greeting of respect and appreciation and pride of 33 years of success achieved by Emirates Transport. 33 years passed by and we still witnessing and mediating the sweetness of success and the true innovation throughout our race path to the real development desired. With our hands on hard work and our consistency to continue in the way of creativity and excellence, from the very outset has taught us that it is either to adapt all what is happening to global changes and integrate into the modern world and be an integral part of this development, or to remain away from it, and thus may be sidelined obstacle in the way of others.

Our choice was to face all these challenges, ensuring our highest levels of Competitiveness and Excellency. We learned how to deal with variables root in the global economy, and estimate the bright side of globalization changes, especially the ability to deal with the global highly competitive environment, and respond to these variables surrounding us to determine our clear business strategies, enable us to realize the importance of the opportunities and to avoid threats, in order to survive and achieving growth, and excellence.

With our strength, knowledge hard work, vision for the future have been our way throughout the march and long journey, we used the most important applications and our utmost better experiences to raise our performance, and we understand very well the meaning of excellence and leadership which contributed effectively to the overall development, The project leadership focuses on creativity, and as a result of that development, a structural changes may sometimes occur in management positions and ideas and working methods after the processing and analysis of data that has become a important resource to us, but has become one of the key dimensions of our planning and administrative process.

So we decided to fight all the new challenges and in the safety and security fields, and we established Emirates Security Services company with a new modern, and sophisticated vision in this area of services, which has become an integral part of the development and progress process related to the principles of stability, which stems from the later creative positions and even be close to the minds of investors and aspiring for a better future, we have decided to initiate our Electronic gate based on our belief in the importance of fruitful and constructive communication with our customers, and also until our business and security services has been highlighted our electronic gate site will be a platform for communication for all business community categories.

We hope to maintain our commitments and achieve more successes throughout our challenges nor never forget all those who have contributed in that march, all who helped us in building this entity and put us on the path to success, a greeting from the heart to all those involved Emirates Security Services in all its stages of initiation and development and passing all our regards and appreciation to all those interested leaders, and decision-makers, and I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to our valued customers confirming our dedication to enhance their confidence in us and to maintain our reputation and well-established v traded values. We will continue to work hard to maintain our high standard services.

Thank you and peace be upon you and may God grant us with his mercy and blessings


Waleed Salim Al Mehairi

Emirates Security Services

Executive Director of Transportation & Leasing Sector Emirates Transport

Abdulla Mohd Al Kindi

Emirates Security Services

Executive Director-Business Development Emirates Transport

Khalid Ahmed Abdulla

Emirates Security Services

Executive Director for Finance Affairs Emirates Transport

Khalid Blaswad

Emirates Security Services

Chairman of Mondial Security Services