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Emirates Security Services

Emirates Security services is a member of the Emirates Transport group it’s a 100% share owned by government, Emirates Transport was founded in 1981, with the aim of organizing and managing transport and maintenance services and supervision of the operation for the benefit of various federal and local government agencies, and private sector institutions. Emirates Transport has always offered the highest quality of services.

Emirates Transport high quality services have achieve a golden record and a reason of appreciation from the key leaders at government and private, agencies, sectors and international organizations.

Emirates Transport through its Emirates Security services, adopts a leading strategy offering unique professional services, using highest business strategic tactics and services within its business unite, Emirates security services has been as benchmark in the UAE security services market, as a result of positive impact on the overall economic development, and successfully participated into promote local business environment actively within currant internal external economic competitions.

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To be a national proud role model; professional business leaders within Security services domain, as per international standards.

Our Objective

Clients Priority: Our main business philosophy focus is understanding clients satisfaction and responding to their requirements, providing security, consultancy solutions through our outstanding professional services to succeed in meeting clients business objectives and continues success.

Excellence: Constant search and Recruitments of high qualified creative personnel, and maintain continues training & development, evaluation, and performance monitor.

Trust: Achieve client trustful relationship, delivering complex business solutions to clients to succeed achieving services and investments goals and build a long term trustful business partnership.



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